UK Police Siren Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

A really loud flashy police siren. Just put your brightness and volume all the way up and it can scare the crap out of anyone. Just don't try to use it in the car!

Police lights and siren pro Android app

An app review of the police lights and siren pro for android.

SirenBox v3.0

SirenBox v3.0 Demo Free download:

Police Lights 3 for iPhone and iPad - Simulates the most realistic strobe light with police sirens

iOS - Police Lights 4: Android Version: ...

Best Android app Police Lights & Sirens Police Lights simulates a real police lights and siren right on your phone. FEATURES: ...

This Guy Can Make Police Siren Sound With His Mouth

App Review: Smart Sirens WLN

This is a video review on the realistic, siren box simulator app.

Police phone apps

Reporting a crime is as simple as using the latest in smart phone technology.

Siren App First View

Here is the app running on an iPhone. It still has a couple of bugs to work out, but in the main is working. Audio recorded in my office, so you can hear some ...

Police siren testing

Police siren testing for power wheels.

Federal Signal Smart Siren App- Simple Sirens Demo

This app is almost exactly like a federal signal smart siren. Invest $0.99 on the app and maybe a few hundred dollars on a good speaker setup, and you'll have a ...

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